Bless You!

Darlington District was blessed by the visit of the Vice President of the Methodist Conference, Jill Baker, on the weekend of 7 October.

Jill led a Quiet Day at Elm Ridge Methodist Church, which was attended by a number of people from across the District. Everyone who attended received a post-it note, a packet of tissues with the words ‘Bless you’ on them and the new District Prayer Card. The theme of how we are blessed and can be a blessing to others came through prayer, song, discussion and times to reflect.

Jill went on to visit the Newcastle District and led a pilgrimage to Lindisfarne.  We look forward to welcoming the President of the Methodist Conference, Rev Loraine Mellor, when she visits the Darlington District 23-25 February.

If you would like to keep the President and Vice-President in your prayers, copies of their prayer card are available at the District Office along with the new Darlington District prayer card.

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