Local Preachers and Worship Leaders’ Study Day 2 December 2017

The Darlington Methodist District hosted a study day for Local Preachers and Worship Leaders. The day was held at Elm Ridge Methodist Church. Twenty-three people from across the district attended the day that was led by Revd Ruth Gee, Chair of the Darlington District. The day was organised by Bill Offler, District Local Preachers’ Secretary with assistance from Rebecca Catford, District Administrator.

The day focused on the Word revealed in: worship, the world and witness. Throughout the day, there was art work, music, poetry, video clips and worship to encourage reflection and discussion.

Ruth brought along on the day a nativity set that she had bought in Kenya on the equator. The nativity characters are fragile and made from banana fibre. Ruth spoke of how the set reminded her of the risk God took becoming a vulnerable baby at Christmas. Ruth also shared some of her reflections on how God weeps with us in times of tragedy. You can find more at Ruth’s blog (http://ruthmgee.blogspot.co.uk/).

After lunch, there was a Bible study looking at readings set for January. A lot of creative and interesting ideas came out of the group discussions about how to explore these readings in worship.


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