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If you are looking for a Methodist church anywhere in the UK then please use the link to 'Find a Methodist Church' (below) which will allow you to access the Methodist Church in Britain website and interrogate its database.

Find a Methodist Church

Otherwise, our DISTRICT CHURCHES are shown on the map below. Please note that locations are approximate in many cases, though we do our best to help you locate them by offering a Postcode for each to use in your Sat. Nav. (click on the marker to reveal more information NB: THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE CORRECT POSTAL ADDRESS CODE - see below *). Choose which layer to show by clicking on the drop-down box at the top left of the map, then select a 'layer' (one at a time is better!). You can select to show by Circuit (default), Pastoral Charge, or Church name. You will probably need to 'Zoom Out' before you can see all of the Churches! You can also enlarge the map to 'full page' by clicking on the box at the top right of the map.

* According to the Post Office, "The Postcode is part of a coding system created by the Royal Mail. The Postcodes are an abbreviated form of address, and enable a set of Delivery Points (normally letter boxes for addresses) to be grouped." PLEASE NOTE these do not point at buildings individually and churches often don't have a specific Postcode as the Post Office only allocate Postcodes to buildings with a letter box and many churches don't have one! If you need a Postal Address for a church then the District Directory, the church's website or the Post Office's address finder is your best hope.