Great 50 Days

The Great 50 Days begins on Easter Sunday and runs through to Pentecost, recalling the events of that time after Jesus’ resurrection and Ascension to the coming of the Holy Spirit on the believers gathered.

​Building on the success and feedback of 2016’s Great 50 Days, this year there are new daily reflections on the theme "Following Jesus", carefully written by 50 different people from across the North East and these have been compiled into a brand new resource book for 2017. To further help us in exploring what it means to Follow Jesus there are personal stories and weekly group resources too.

​The books are now available through churches across the Darlington and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Districts. Make sure you pick up your copy by Easter Sunday. (Your Circuit staff team may be able to assist if you cannot see a copy in your Church.)

There are other ways to join in:

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Download a bookmark with the dates and readings on it here