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The carved plaque celebrating the Partnership Link The purpose of this partnership link is to encourage, support and learn from each other in our mission and ministry as members of the body of Christ in God’s kingdom. • We hope to develop relationships through email contact sharing news, photographs, prayer requests and mission initiatives • We will encourage circuits and churches to link with similar congregations • We will explore the possibility of small groups visiting each other • We will be open to the movement of the Spirit as to how the partnership develops • The Partnership Link will initially be for five years with a review at the end of that time.

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Report on the visit to the Miathene Synod in July - August 2010

We had heard very little from Kenya through the year until we received two emails and the reason for the silence has become clear. There has been so much for the churches to do in helping people suffering from the effects of the drought and famine in the area. The text in bold is to provide more information.

September 2011 Extracts from recent emails from Bishop Ntomburu to our Chair of District, Revd Ruth Gee:

Thank you very much for your very kind email. I have been well, my family too and the synod at large. However, we are faced with an enormous challenge of feeding families that have got no food at all due to drought conditions. A lot of our churches have been able to contribute food but of course the challenge gets bigger by the day. We are doing everything we can as a synod, taking each day at a time and trusting God to see us through the challenge. I am very touched by your kindness, I do not have appropriate words to express how blessed we are as a synod to partner in mission with Darlington district.

The alternative right of passage for girls in our synod is a great transformational rite which gives issues of life and Christianity a holistic approach. (The traditional way for girls to mark their transition from childhood to adulthood is through Female Genital Circumcision. The Methodist Church is in the forefront of developing a new transformational experience.) It is an amazing experience but unfortunately this year, we swept the idea under the carpet as we have bigger challenges hence the drought and the famine.

Some of our women and officials shed tears of joy on hearing that this may be a possibility through your generosity. (The District Network group have agreed to have this as their project for the year)

We bless God for you as this has given us new energy to organise the event for the end of the year. We look forward to celebrating this event at the end of the year.

On Thursday we are meeting as a development committee and the relief sub committee to continue exploring ways of helping those around us who are suffering. I would say that our members have been very generous in sharing food but we definitely need prayers as we have not seen the challenge of this magnitude in a long time but all in all God has been faithful and gracious to us.

Ruth had informed the Bishop of the possibility of holding a collection at Synod for the drought and also for the children of Jane Kaibunga, who died earlier this year leaving her children in the care of the Methodist Church) I would say that both are critical, so perhaps you could share between both funds. This was done and £741 will be sent soon, the split being £405 for the Children's Trust and £336 for the famine relief fund, due to specific requests for money to be used in this way.

On a different note, my wife works with a large group of marginalised women in Nairobi slum areas helping them to empower themselves out of poverty through trade. She makes with the women very beautiful jewellery and decorative items for the home. She is looking for churches to partner with these women groups in buying their items for Christmas gifts and other occasions like Mother's day etc. Her ministry to the marginalised women is to give the women pride by earning through their work and helping them to gain skills to independence (financial). She has been able to evangelise to so many women this way, she has partnered with a few churches in US and Europe who are extremely happy to be part of this and now that your synod is meeting, she would like to request the members of Darlington church through you for a partnership in this to advance this very noble cause. You could discuss the details with my wife as she is able to give information about the groups and products, so you can see if it is of interest or not.

Sorry that there was a lot to write about the various issues and finally from myself and all the members of Miathene Synod, we would like to send our very warm greetings and deep gratitude to all the delegates of Darlington synod and we would like to assure you that our love and prayers are with you during your annual synod.

May God be truly kind and gracious to you all. Please convey to them that your Christian love and generosity has made an invaluable difference in this synod to glory of God.

Yours Sincerely in Christ,