The concept of ‘Membership’ in the Methodist Church is an old one and people became ‘Members’ of their local Methodist Society first of all in John Wesley’s time. At first these ‘Societies’ were simply groups of like-minded people who gathered together to study the Bible and learn more about God, the Christian Faith and how to live their lives according to God’s will as followers of Jesus Christ. In order to access the Society meeting you were required to have a ‘Membership Ticket’ or ‘Class Ticket’ (since members were allocated to smaller groups under the Pastoral care and guidance of a ‘Class Leader’). Without this ‘Ticket’ you could not take part in the meetings and events. They were highly prized, but could be forfeit if the ‘Member’ did not live a life which was considered to be compatible with the Methodist Societies principles. It was not uncommon for Mr Wesley to visit Class meetings and, if he heard that a Member was acting badly, perhaps being persistently drunk or swearing etc, then Mr Wesley would remove his ‘Ticket’ and effectively ban him from the meetings until he was reformed and repentant.

Today, you may enquire about Membership of the Methodist Church at any of our Local Churches. In particular, you could contact the local Methodist Minister, whose contact details are almost always available on the local church noticeboard, or in many cases on our website here. The Minister will probably ask you to undergo some form of instruction about the responsibilities of Membership of the Church and the particular beliefs and ways of the Methodist Church. If you are already a Member elsewhere, it is usually appropriate to simply ‘transfer’ your membership. In a similar way, if you are a Christian in good standing with your present denomination e.g. the Church of England, you might apply for Dual Membership should your circumstances have changed and your present location or situation prevent you from attending your original denominational place of worship.

All those who seek to know more about God and the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to attend worship and other events as advertised locally. But please do feel free to enquire further should you wish to know more. We would be very happy to help!