New Website!

23-09-2014 So, at last, a new website for the Darlington District of the Methodist Church. I hope the wait was worth it 🙂

The website is very definitely a work in progress. My philosophy, as a website builder (and the creator of this site) is that websites should be attractive, engaging, informative and above all, up to date. I hope that the first two aims are met - at least partly.

The third and fourth aim are - to some extent at least - up to your good selves. When I built a website for my previous Circuit I was well-informed (being a Circuit Minister there) and able to judge whether things were correct or up to date. Unfortunately, in a much wider entity such as a District, it is impossible for any one person to have a grasp on everything. So I ask you - nay implore you - to please let me have material to put on the site and up to date information so that the website is a focus for those who 'need to know'.

Oh, and one thing that I haven't mentioned - the website is one of the ways that we are judged by the rest of the world (though I doubt everyone will see it!). So let's make it a means for Mission, improving communication around the District and with the wider world.

Please remember that it's 'your' website - not mine or any individual's. So please do contact us via the Contact Us link (under 'Who we are') so that we can receive comments and input and make this a much better site for all.

Jan Simons, our District Administrator will continue to post News, Events and Diary dates on the site and generally aim to keep it all in order, but you can reach me through the Contact Us form which is monitored by the District Office. 

Blessings, Robert, your webmaster​

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