Reading reference error for Day 8 Great50Days

Please note that the reading reference for Day 8 of The Great 50 Days study guides is incorrect. The reading SHOULD BE: Mark 16:12-13 and NOT Mark 15 as given in the hard copy books and the original PDF versions which could be linked to via this website. NB: the links on this website should now be correct as I have edited the material to give the CORRECT reference for Day 8.

PLEASE – if anyone notices any more inaccuracies or errors then do let me know. We are very grateful for any help to get this right – for everyone’s benefit 🙂

For those who receive the email notifications an updated notification was sent out at 9.15am on Sunday 3rd April and should therefore have helped several people to avoid this confusion – hopefully! The downloadable version of the complete booklet has also been corrected – so if you had the previous version you can now download a ‘corrected’ version via this link. HUMBLE APOLOGIES – as soon as I heard I corrected it.

Thanks for your patience!



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