Structure of the District

The Spring Synod, meeting on Saturday 25 April 2009, approved that the work of the District should be overseen through the following groups:

District Development Oversight Group
This Group will fulfill the role of a District Policy Committee, keeping an overview of the development of strategy and ensuring a unity of purpose in the work of the District. It will keep under review the work and make-up of circuits and the district with a particular responsibility for ensuring that God’s mission is the focus of all structures. It will meet twice a year in February and July.

District Vision and Strategy Team
The Team will be responsible for developing a strategy for putting into practice the vision of the District for engaging in God’s mission. It will bring proposals to the Development and Oversight Group and may have work delegated to it by the Group. Its particular responsibility will be to be proactive in the circuits in developing ways of working and structures that best engage with God’s mission and Christ’s ministry. The Team would meet as necessary, but probably four times per year.

To view the District Diary click here: District Diary

The District's work is grouped in the following areas:

  • Ministry & Mission
  • Learning & Development
  • Communications & Advocacy
  •  Use of Resources

All of these may be accessed via the 'Networks' tab to see further details of each 'Network'

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