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Copies of Quinquennial Reports

There has been some confusion in a number of Circuits about who should receive copies of quinquennial reports on manses. Information Leaflet T17: Quinquennial Inspections issued by the Methodist Property Office – Resourcing Mission (available on the Methodist Church website) gives the detail:
13. Circulation of the QI report
Chapels or ancillary property: three copies of the report and Schedule ‘G’ are to be sent to the Circuit Property Secretary, who will send one set to the local Property Secretary and one set to the District Property Secretary.
Manses or other housing: three copies of the report and Schedule ‘E’ are to be sent to the Circuit Manse Property Secretary who will send one set to the Circuit Steward and one set to the District Manses Committee Secretary.
A copy of the report should be kept in the appropriate log book.
Thank you to those Circuits who are helping me to complete the District’s file of manse quinquennial reports.
A query has been raised as to whether quinquennial inspections are required for manses which are rented out rather than being occupied by a minister. Paragraph 10 of the Information Leaflet makes clear that they are required. These manses do not, however, require a District manse visit.
Maurice Aspey, District Manses Committee Secretary